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Number one recommended chiropractor

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  • I've been to a lot of Chiropractors over the years from moving around...And I went to another place in Shelbyville that had a fake phony staff who complained about my Insurance...Shelbyville Chiropractic really cares about getting you better and taking their time with you instead of hurrying you through. I'm really pleased so far, all the way around.

    ~Jeff from Shelbyville

    Jeff from Shelbyville
  • Went in for lower back pain so bad that I could hardly walk. Amazing on how Doctor Eric has me on the road of recovery in such a short time. Dr. Eric and his staff are very caring and take time to your needs. Kind of making you feel like family. Wanting to say a Big thank you to all of them and I very much recommend that if you need a chiropractor be sure to see them.

    ~Denise from Shelbyville

    Denise from Shelbyville
  • I have visited Dr. Ribenboim a dozen times over the years for a variety of reasons.  Without inducing any pain he has had great success solving a variety of issues.  Everyone in the office is friendly and I can count on Dr. Ribenboim getting the maximum effect in a minimum of visits.  I'm very frugal and I completely trust this doctor to not do any more expensive procedures than are absolutely necessary.

    ~Ken from Shelbyville

    Ken from Shelbyville